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Serious engineering and profits for HEX Equipment owners since 1979

HEX equipment started in 1979 as a family-owned business manufacturing for the medical profession producing UV phototherapy equipment for the treatment of various skin conditions. HEX was the first indoor tanning equipment manufacturer in the United States and created vertical tanning systems that can be found on six continents. HEX added red light wellness equipment, Near Infrared (NIR) photo biomodulation (PBM) therapy and UVC sanitation equipment. Our equipment lines have stood the test of time. We have equipment that has been in operation for decades that is functioning well in the field and consistently producing good profits for our customers.

Today, HEX equipment is still a family-owned business manufacturing lighting equipment. All equipment passes rigorous Quality Control standards. The cornerstones of our business are: Keep it simple, keep it as green as possible, keep it virtually maintenance free and keep providing outstanding customer service.

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Our History

The Inside Story on HEX

HEX began in 1979, which means we were the first tanning manufacturer in the U.S. and we introduced the world’s first standup system. Although HEX has inspired many imitators since then, there is so much more to our pedigree than simply being first.

Before HEX

Prior to creating the HEX concept, we were designing and manufacturing phototherapy equipment for the medical profession. We investigated ways in which our technology and experience would benefit the wider public – and the HEX vertical tanning concept was born.

Our Tanning Equipment

Two Basic Truths about Tanning

More is less, at least with tanning lamps. “More” usually means more lamps, more watts, more glitz. However, there is an optimum number of lamps to use in a piece of tanning equipment – no more, no less. At best, an overabundance of lamps is a profit drain. At worst, it subjects your clients to heat and discomfort without giving them a better or faster tan. You and your client get less for your money.

Reflectors Need Room to Reflect

A tanning lamp needs enough space to do its job. Reflectors, for instance, need a specific amount of space around them or their efficiency declines. When lamps are too close together, the entire unit generates and retains heat, and lamp life can decrease.

The number and type of lamps in our HEX units is determined by engineering studies that optimize a variety of factors: how to get the most effective performance and efficiency from each lamp, for your client and for your business. Our goal is a beautiful tan for your clients matched by a beautiful bottom line for your business.

Our Expert Engineering


People look at surfaces when considering a purchase. It’s natural. However, look inside the walls of a HEX and you’ll see we care deeply about your business. Our workmanship is extraordinary in every detail. All wiring is in conduit, all ballasts are in Neema boxes. There are no exposed wires. Lamps are accessible and easy to replace, saving you time and manpower.

Corners and Edges

All corners and edges are finished. They’re curved; they’re beveled; they reflect the care with which we design and manufacture.


HEX systems we built in 1979 are still earning profits for their owners.


No tanning system is more profitable than HEX. Period.

A “Smart” System

We tan each part of the body appropriately with our own HEX Smart Lamps. Be sure to read about our Smart Lamp technology on our Tanning Page.

UL Listed (required in many states), CUL Listed, CSA and CE Compliant

For safety assurance and because we care about being the best.

Why HEX Equipment?

Style and Amenities that Set HEX Apart

Tanning should be a special experience. That’s why we put so much more into our HEX than you’ll find in any other stand up system. Our attached dressing room is comfortable, private and convenient. It also allows you to place HEX units in open areas where they attract attention and stimulate business.

That means no construction, no build out.

HEX comes in more than 150 styles – you can order your own custom styles, as well. Talk to us about your décor, and we’ll help you choose a HEX style uniquely suited to your business.

Cool Performance

A powerful, quiet and efficient cooling system creates a pleasant circulation of air that makes for a very comfortable tanning session.

A Cozy Dressing Room

HEX pampers your clients with a convenient seat for dressing and applying lotions, thoughtfully placed fixtures to hold clothing, shelving for their personal items, attractive, flattering lighting, a high-quality beveled mirror for checking appearance and pleasing upscale fixtures and trim.

Virtually No Maintenance

Except for the occasional relamping, HEX requires virtually no attention from you or your employees.

Do You Dream in Color? We Do – More Than 150 of Them

If you have your own dreamy ideas for matching HEX to your business décor, let us know. We’re always happy to fulfill dreams.

HEX Product Categories

UVC Sanitizing Equipment

• Mobile UVC room sanitation equipment
• UVC wands for quick touchpoint surface sanitation
• Sanitation boxes
• Tripod lights to sanitize small rooms
• Vehicle UVC systems
• UVC for HVAC systems
• Customized UVC solutions

Near Infrared Light (NIR) Therapy

• Science based deepest and widest penetration
• Patented for inflammation reduction and pain management
• Non-invasive, no medication pain relief
• Hands free
• Will help heal bed sores, torn ligaments, bruising, & Parkinson’s
• Works on bed ridden or immobile patients
• When you decrease inflammation you increase circulation

Tanning Booths | Tanning Beds | HEX Equipment | Saginaw, Michigan

Tanning Equipment
• Tanning Booths and Beds
• Custom Made – Hand crafted one at a time
• Remote Timer
• 8 to 10 minute sessions
• UL and CUL listed
• CSA and CE Compliant
• Very best designed and engineered tanning systems in the industry
• Made in the U.S.A.

Red Light Therapy Booths | HEX Lighting Solutions | HEX Light Therapy Equipment | Michigan

Red Light Therapy Booths
• 360 degrees of red light
• Quick, Convenient, Effective
• Can be used by any age or demographic
• Effective through workout clothes (no need for private dressing room)
• Enhanced Workout Recovery
• Additional Profit Center
• Increased Foot Traffic

What Our Clients Have To Say…

“Contraindication: This product is contraindicated for use on persons under the age of 18 years.” “Contraindication: This product must not be used if skin lesions or open wounds are present.” “Warning: This product should not be used on individuals who have had skin cancer or have a family history of skin cancer.” Warning: persons repeatedly exposed to UV radiation should be regularly evaluated for skin cancer.”