“Due to a sports injury, I have injured several disks in my neck and spine. Because of my age, surgery is not an option, and I was guided toward pain management. I started researching alternative medicine as living on constant neck pain is not ideal. Red light was coming up all over the place when researching pain management. I started my RX-1 treatments and within 6 uses I started noticing a huge difference. My swelling went down, I had better range of motion and my pain began getting less and less. I started feeling like my old self and I am never going back.”

Ali Y.Ali Y.

“I want to tell you my personal story with HEX NIR, just before his 8th birthday my son had a bad case of pink eye, then back pain and urinary tract pain, then jaw and ear pain, after that one foot swelled up and was a 10 out of 10 on the pain scale, his hips were painful, one wrist, and then both knees seemingly overnight became the size of grapefruit.

What started as reactive arthritis became chronic as the weeks went on, his pain was 10 out of 10 for days at a time, many days I would have to carry him or move him with the use of as wheelchair. The HEX NIR helped my son a ton, first and foremost it would take away his pain. At first the pain would leave for the time he was under the light and a little bit afterwards, that little bit afterwards grew and grew as time went on. A few times in the first couple months of this ordeal he was unable to use NIR due to being out of town, there was a noticeable difference in how he moved after missing it for a few days, he would ask almost everyday if he could do NIR, it made him feel that much better helped his pain and movement that much.”

Joe B.Joe B.

“The penetrating warmth relaxation and stress removing feeling was almost instant.  I am able to recognize the quality of such a treatment and appreciate them even in a few sessions. 50% reduction in the right shoulder pain after 6 visits – pain level went from 8 to 4 after 6 visits.”

Leslie N.Leslie N.

“For me it has been my second week of treatments – The pain in my thigh disappeared.  It feels really good.  50% reduction in right thigh pain after 6 visits – pain level went from a 9 to a 4.”


Luise N.Luise N.

“The heat of your light brings me a lot of wellness. For my part, I believe in this system,  I felt a great feeling of relaxation after each treatment.  My shoulder pain disappeared as fast as it appeared.  I have confidence in your machine.  63% reduction in shoulder pain after seven visits – pain level went from an 8 to a 3.”

Roland T.Roland T.

“I am a Vet and was being treated at the VA hospital for ulcerated wounds on my ankle which were caused by a necessary medication.  The VA referred me to a podiatry specialist.  I was off work for 3 months for this injury when I heard about the HEX NIR system.  My ulcerated wound has been healing (shrinking) at a rate of .6 every two weeks.  After 2 weeks using the HEX RX-1 light (6 sessions), my ulcerated wound healed .3 top to bottom and 1.2 left to right- Doc said results were fantastic – keep doing what you’re doing.  I was cleared for work with 3 ½ more weeks of treatment.”

Bernie R.Bernie R.