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Get your ZEN on

In this day and age, almost everyone can use assistance navigating our ‘new normal’. HEX REBOOT can help relax, reboot and rejuvenate in just 12 minutes. The HEX REBOOT system can help your customers ‘reset’ and get their Zen on. It is a much needed recovery modality for our changing world. Call (989) 792-6119 to speak with a consultant about how HEX can help provide you with happier customers and more profits today.

Near Infrared Light Therapy Equipment | Reboot Booth | Hex Equipment | Saginaw, MI

Features of HEX REBOOT Red Light Therapy Wellness System

  • 360 degrees of red light
  • Quick, convenient, effective
  • Can be used by any age or demographic
  • Effective through clothes – no need for a private dressing room
  • 12 minute session
  • Simple to incorporate with low maintenance

What makes the HEX Red Light Therapy Booth different from everyone else

HEX REBOOT red light therapy provides 360 degrees of red light in a quick, effective session.  No trained technician is necessary and it can benefit nearly any person, any age, any demographic.  Results can be felt after each use.  Sanitation between sessions is quick and simple.

As benefits can be received through clothing, no private room is needed.  This free-standing system can be placed anywhere within a facility in only a 4’ x 4.25’ area allowing businesses to offer a rejuvenating experience for their customers.

Red Light Therapy Booth | Hex Equipment | Saginaw, MI

Wellness Benefits Experienced with Red Light Therapy

Red LED Light Therapy | Hex Equipment | Saginaw, MI
    • Relieves Stress
    • Energy Balancing
    • Revitalizing
    • Members Feel Fantastic
    • “Feel Good” System

HEX Reboot Red Light Therapy Booth

  • 36- 200-watt REBOOT lamps
  • 12 minute maximum session
  • Requires a 50-amp double pole breaker
  • 208/240 volts – single phase – 120 volts per leg
  • The Fan on the top of the unit operates at 2900 CFM
  • Height 7’3″, 51″ W x 43″ L

How it Benefits Your Business

The HEX Reboot Red Light Therapy booth rejuvenates your members, customers, visitors and guests; and stimulates your profits.

Applications for HEX REBOOT Red Light Therapy Booth



Fitness Centers

Hospitality Facilities

Wellness Centers

Corporate Wellness

Chiropractic Clinics

Senior Care


You enter the booth and let the red light do the rest.

REBOOT is classified as a cosmetic wellness system, protective eyewear is not mandated however, the lights are very bright, and customers may choose to use protective eyewear.

Yes, the benefits of red light therapy are received through clothing

There are no adverse side effects to red light therapy.

As a cosmetic wellness system, REBOOT red light is a safe system for use per F.D.A. guidance.