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As World Leader in Lighting Solutions, HEX Created UVC Sanitizing Equipment  for More Than Just COVID & Other Viruses

The pandemic taught all of us that we weren’t ready for something like this. To be better prepared for the future, we need good systems in place for sanitization and PPE. It’s important to understand that COVID and other viruses are both airborne and in droplets, and transmission is respiratory. HEX Equipment innovated UVC disinfection equipment that can sanitize for airborne and provide surface sanitation for the droplets.

You can relax knowing you are sanitized against Strep, CDIF, Hep B, Norovirus, Omicron, and, of course, the various strains of flu. Plus your staff will love the hands-free, easy and safe operation of our UVC light sanitizer without any chemicals. They can just start the UVC disinfection light system, walk away for a few minutes while it works it’s magic, and return to a fully sanitized room. It’s important to have a sanitizing solution you can implement quickly and safely. HEX Equipment created the solution with our UVC sanitizing equipment.

Features of HEX UVC Sanitizer Equipment

Easily destroys or inactivates up to 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, mold, and pathogens in the air and on surfaces.

Helps save on labor costs - sanitize without staff present reducing labor from 45 minutes to 5 minutes..

Does not leave a sticky residue like chemical type cleaners, fogging machines or sprays

Destroys/alters the DNA of pathogens thereby preventing new strains from developing. (Pathogens can develop new strains that can become immune to chemical germicidal solutions.)

Reduces airborne virus count - airborne pathogens and viruses cannot be controlled by any hand wiping chemicals

Portable equipment can easily be moved to sanitize many different areas within a facility

Sound science based on decades of research and use. No unsubstantiated claims

Stops the cross contamination after each use of the room, both in the air and on surfaces, including the floor and furniture. Reoccupy treated rooms immediately

Sanitizes typical patient rooms, waiting rooms, classrooms, cruise ship cabins, and hotel rooms. Motion detectors, timers and shields ensure equipment is operated easily and safely.

Stay Clean with HEX UVC Sanitizer Equipment

At HEX, we believe in simplifying innovations so there is less maintenance and increased ease of use. For over 40 years our UVC sanitizing products have been celebrated for how well they work, and how long they last. Medical facilities, long term care, hotels, resorts, senior living centers, day care facilities, police departments, EMS businesses, fire departments, and transport companies use HEX UVC disinfecting lights to ensure their rooms/vehicles are safe for residents, guests and staff.

UV Disinfection Lights | UV Cleaning Lights | HEX Lighting Solutions | HEX Light Therapy Equipment

Applications For Using HEX UVC Sanitizing Equipment

Hospitals & Doctors Offices


Operating & Emergency Suites

Patient Rooms & Waiting Rooms

Hotel Rooms

Spas, Fitness Centers, Gyms

Child Care Facilities

Cruise Ships

Restaurant Kitchens

Public Restrooms


Locker Rooms

Detention Centers

Food Prep & Processing Areas

Veterinary Clinics & Kennels

Mold Remediation

Homeless Shelters

Nursing Homes

Assisted Living Facilities

Long Term Care Facilities

Our UVC Disinfection Lights

Mobile UVC Room Sanitation Equipment – UVC Wands for Quick Touchpoint Surface Sanitation – Sanitation Boxes – Tripod Lights to Sanitize Small Rooms – Vehicle UVC Systems – UVC for HVAC Systems – Customized UVC Solutions

UV Disinfection Lights | Clean 500 | HEX Equipment | Saginaw, MI

Clean 500

Air and Surface sanitation – sanitizes rooms in minutes.

UV Light Sanitizer | Clean 1000 | HEX Equipment

Clean 1000

Quick air and surface sanitation – UVC light that can sanitize under furniture and equipment close to floor level.

UVC Hanging Ambulance System with Tripod | UV Light Sanitizer | HEX Equipment

UVC Hanging Ambulance System with Tripod

Can be used for vehicle and small room sanitation.

UVC Hanging Disinfection Lights | HEX Equipment | Saginaw, Michigan

UVC Hanging Ambulance System

Sanitizes the interior of an ambulance in 2 minutes. Save on labor costs! Sanitize while your team members gather restocking supplies. Portable, can be moved vehicle to vehicle.

Sanitex Air Clean | HEX Equipment

Air Clean

Airborne pathogen reduction device for large areas – safe to run 24/7 – continuous air circulation.

UVC Wands | UVC Sanitizer | HEX Equipment

UVC Wands

For surface sanitation in seconds!

What Our Clients Are Saying…

Hospitals & Communities Who Use HEX Equipment

HEX Equipment | Saginaw, Michigan


Yes, the UVC light at 254 nm can kill and/or mutate many viruses rendering them harmless. HEX UVC systems are used for sanitation can provide protection of up to 99.9% against viruses, bacteria, pathogens and mold.

All light is measured in nanometers (nm) – UVC light at 254nm has been widely used for years to sanitize water, air and surfaces. The science has been proven for decades and accepted worldwide. This is the technology incorporated in HEX UVC equipment. UVC sanitation equipment at 254 nm is to be used without humans present or used with the operator protected from the light; it can cause damage to skin and eyes.

Far-UVC 222nm light, while meeting established safety guidelines, is designed to neutralize pathogens with people present. According to the FDA, there is some evidence that excimer lamps, with peak wavelength of 222-nm may cause less damage to the skin, eyes, and DNA than the 254 nm wavelength, but long-term safety data is lacking.

Yes, especially UVC light at 254 nm however, most HEX UVC equipment is designed to operate remotely in an unoccupied area/room/vehicle.

Yes, UVC light can be used to sanitize against many types of common viruses including COVID-19 and its variants, bacteria, pathogens and mold quickly without additional labor and should be part of a standard sanitization protocol. The pandemic has shown all of us that we were ill prepared for this type of spread; we can help put better systems in place to have improved protection for the future.

UVC light does not clean, surfaces require normal cleaning prior to sanitization – UVC light can sanitize what it can ‘see’ – it does not penetrate dust and debris.

Yes, without guests or staff present, UVC light can be used to sanitize both the surfaces (contact surfaces, tables, chairs, counters, equipment, desks, bathrooms) and the air quickly and efficiently.

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